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BetDaily Online Betting Deals

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Min Deposit: Rs 100

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Min Bet : Rs 10

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Min Refill: Rs 100

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Max Process Time: 10 minutes

Providing the best online betting experience with the BetDaily betting ID!

The BetDaily Betting registration is a simple process, opening the world of online betting opportunities. With popular platforms ranging from Lotus, Matador, 9Bet games, BBB, iExchange, Matagames, 3betgames, 9Bet and Diamond exchange, your online betting gets smoother.

The BetDaily Betting ID brings the best out of yourself. With hassle-free deposits and withdrawals, your online betting experience gets better.

To be the trusted partner and popular choice for online betting, we have been growing in size and strength, with secured payment avenues. Even after becoming the best online betting ID provider in India, we strive hard to serve the online betting community even better with simplicity and reliability.

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Our Flagships Sites

In India, getting access to flagship game sites has become a rarity. BetDaily provides access to leading gaming ID sites for betting, with constant customer support, the fastest profit transactions, the safest betting ID environment and the coolest gaming experience.

Go through the top betting ID platforms in India. Get your BetDaily ID & explore the world of betting IDs.

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Why BetDaily is the best platform for getting Online Cricket ID?

Get your online cricket betting ID for T20 World Cup 2022 and be ready.
Online Betting ID available is now!

Create your online Cricket betting ID now!

My11Circle vs Ace2Three: Which Platform Offers Better Odds?

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My11Circle vs Ace2Three: Which Platform Offers Better Odds?

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My11Circle vs Ace2Three: Which Platform Offers Better Odds?

Betting options

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Fast and best in class price

We have the fastest odds in the market. Come and place back or lay bets on your favourite teams to make the book thats tailored to your taste. Cricket, football, tennis, and much more!

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No commission BM

Our BM markets are fast, like super fast, without any delays. No commissions on BM makes this so doubly sweet! Back and lay options available here too!

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Many Fancies

We always work hard to get you the fancy markets for those mid match books that you wanna make. cloudy and chance of rain? We got fancies for that too!

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Special markets

Interested in politics, Or can you predict the winner of the next ipl? We got custom special markets with the best odds that there are!

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24x7 support

Want to do a deposit at 3am? Or would you want to know some info for your account? Our dedicated care team is always a ping away!

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Punter Friendly Book

Want to make a book by playing on the very latest score? Well guess what, you can even watch the game, and see the score with analytics, to make the book that you want!

No KYC Required

24x7 Instant Support

2 mins to Sign up

Special Market

No Commission

What is an Online Betting ID?

You get an ID through BetDaily, choose from the gambling options, and begin your journey. All your profits will be collated, and added to your wallet. 

Online Betting ID is a mechanism to facilitate online betting, allowing customers to bet on their favourite sports like Cricket, and casino games like Teen Patti. BetDaily provides the best online betting experience, giving you a secure and reliable platform to place your bets.

BetDaily is a veteran in the industry in terms of providing an enriching customer experience and offering access to a wide range of sports, and casino games.

My11Circle vs Ace2Three: Which Platform Offers Better Odds?


My11Circle vs Ace2Three: Which Platform Offers Better Odds?


My11Circle vs Ace2Three: Which Platform Offers Better Odds?


What Documents are Required for creating BetDaily Online Betting ID?

With a wide range of sports betting IDs and online casino IDs available on BetDaily, you can enjoy online betting at its best with the convenience of online access. With multiple payment options and quick withdrawal times, you can rest assured that your online gaming experience will be hassle free and secure with BetDaily.

All gaming activities on BetDaily are 100% secure and completely legal. ​In order to obtain an online betting ID from BetDaily, you will not need to provide any documents. At BetDaily, we ensure that the online game ID registration process is secure and straightforward. We use the latest encryption technology and advanced security measures to ensure a safe gaming environment for our customers.


Is betdaily the best for online betting in india ? 

Undoubtedly, yes. Though we are the leading betting ID provider, we still attempt to be the first choice for all online betters. Through our requirement of minimal deposit, option of withdrawals 24x7, assurance of safer transactions, availability of various games, commitment of support, guidance to start and ever-growing happy customers, we are the No.1 Online Betting ID provider.

How much should I deposit For online betting ? 

We recommend to use the minimum deposit of ₹ 10. However, depending on your choice, you can choose the amount.

How Long will it take to create the online betting ID ?

Just 60seconds. We are supporting 24x7, throughout the year to make your online betting ID creation faster.

Where Can I get the login ID ?

We are making online betting simpler and seamless. Get your online betting ID through your WhatsApp in just 30 seconds. Reach us out now.

DO I Need Betdaily Login for cricket betting ?

Yes, BetDaily Betting ID is required. Your BetDaily ID is generated and sent to you usually through WhatsApp for your convenience. If you want to bet on any cricket match, get your BetDaily Cricket Betting ID and start betting.

Can I Get access to various games ? 

With one registration, you will get access to all the games. Your deposits are collated and profits are gathered for a better online betting experience.


Available Payment Methods

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